Druge Veje

Official branches and projects

Branch Language O5-Wiki Sandbox Chat
SCP-EN English O5 Sandbox IRC
SCP-RU Russian O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-KO Korean Sandbox Discord, IRC
SCP-CN Chinese O5 Sandbox IRC, PHP
SCP-FR French O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-PL Polish O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-ES Spanish O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-TH Thai O5 Sandbox Various
SCP-JA Japanese O5 Sandbox Various
SCP-DE German O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-IT Italian O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-UA Ukrainian Sandbox Discord
SCP-PT-BR Portuguese O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-CS Czech Sandbox Discord
SCP-ZH/TR Traditional Chinese Sandbox Discord
SCP-INT (1) English O5 Sandbox Discord
SCP-UN (2) English, Various O5 Sandbox INT's Discord
Template (3) English

Unofficial branches

Branch Language Sandbox Chat
SCP-EL Greek Sandbox Discord
SCP-ND Danish, Faroese, Norwegian, Swedish Discord
SCP-TR Turkish Sandbox Discord
SCP-VN Vietnamese Sandbox

Translation wikis that moved to the ULI

Branch Language Chat Notes
SCP-NL Dutch Discord

Translation wikis

Branch Language Chat Notes
SCP-AZ Azerbaijani Discord
SCP-CZ Czech
SCP-CY Welsh
SCP-ET Estonian Discord
SCP-EL Greek Older
SCP-HE Hebrew
SCP-HK Traditional Chinese Older
SCP-HU Hungarian
SCP-IDN Indonesian Newer
SCP-ID Indonesian Older
SCP-JBO Lojban
SCP-RO Romanian Discord
SCP-SH Serbo-Croatian4 Discord
SCP-SL Slovenian Discord
SCP-SQ Albanian
SCP-TW Traditional Chinese
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